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An re-introduction to ‘The Bottom Line’

Once again we enter another college year and preparations for exams have already begun. This means that work has been coming at us all thick and fast, so this introduction to the college newspaper is a little late.

As the editor I think it is my duty to inform you of what is coming up this year on the college newspaper. With the start of a new term comes a fresh group of writers from both the Upper and Lower Sixth and along with the existing writers from last year we will be continuously posting stories that are both interesting and relevant. Coming soon we will have film, music and book reviews, news on events happening within college, current affairs coverage and opinion pieces on issues that could affect students such as yourselves.

Our major aim this year is to make the college newspaper all about the students, written, edited and relevant to everyone in the college.

We hope you enjoy reading what we have to say and we may even get some of you to join us on our writing team? Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part. Also don’t forget that we gather during Thursday lunchtime in room 12 in the English Department.

By Emma Smith

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