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Egypt: More than 51 protestors killed

Due to the fighting going on in Egypt, more than 51 people are said to have died. This has been caused by the country’s two largest political factions clashing against each other after both being unhappy with the country’s involvement in the war with Israel in 1973 and this is seen as a day of deep significance for many Egyptians.

President Mohamed Morsi has many supporters and opponents, and many lined the streets to commemerate the 40th anniversary of Yom Kippur which is viewed as a victory for Egypt, despite the battle ending in stalemate and favouring Israel.

However, instead of celebrating the day which people have done for the past years, the supporters protested  against his ousting by filling highways in West Cairo, compared to the opponents who gathered at Tahrir square to praise General Abdel Fattah-el- Sisi in his role to take over. But,  fatal violence soon struck when thousands of supporters attempted to reach Tahrir square, army soldiers, officers and vigilantes started to block their path and fire. According to an opponent who was at the front of the march, they used live rounds, teargas and rubber bullets. Reports have also found that many of the opponents were carrying weapons such as firearms.

Opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood said that the Islamists and other had used the violent response to create sympathy internationally. Clashes had also been reported in many other neighbour hoods across Egypt, but much of the city has remained calm, but some has expressed frustration and anger at their fellow citizens overbearing nationalism and being pulled between the Muslim Brotherhood and the army.

By Isabelle Garside



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