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Meghan Trainor is sexist? Let us explain

Meghan Trainor has managed to set feminism back 20 years with the release of her new song ‘Dear Future Husband.’

She recently told Billboard “I don’t consider myself a feminist.” It shows.

‘Dear Future Husband’ was featured on her album ‘Title’ which was released in January 2015. However this month the song made it into the spotlight following the release of its music video, which currently holds 10 million views.

The song and accompanying video are overwhelmingly problematic, and what is scary is that women are listening to it, and not realizing how oppressive it is.

‘Dear Future Husband’ enforces gender stereotypes that feminists have been battling for years. Trainor states she will “Buy groceries” for her man and that will make her the “perfect wife.” I realize that women are the primary consumers in the vast majority of households (because we haven’t yet overthrown the idea that it is always the woman’s responsibility to take care of the housework), but buying groceries is what makes a wife perfect? Incredibly sexist as it teaches women the household should be their responsibility. This idea is perpetuated in the video as Trainor is shown in the video dressed in retro housewife attire, scrubbing a kitchen floor with no indication of irony. Housework should be the shared responsibility of all the able bodied members of a household. How can we wonder why the double burden still exists when we are being fed songs that maintain gender stereotypes?

Even the title of the song is problematic! It teaches children that men are born to be husbands and women are born to be wives; we should not assume this is the course people will take.

Unfortunately, the song and accompanying video are not just damaging to women, but also to men. The video depicts a suitor for Trainor ‘failing’ after he cannot hit the top on a high striker. What does this tell men about their self-worth? Trainor may as well have sung “You’re not a man worthy of a woman unless you fit the gender stereotype of strength.”

There is one saving grace to this song – a line in the first verse that goes “You got that 9 to 5, but baby so do I.” Thank goodness Meghan Trainor recognises women work now, and that we’re not still in the 1920s.

It isn’t especially shocking that Trainor has released a song so grossly anti-feminist considering her song writing history. Trainor’s first popular single ‘All About That Bass’ shames women with slimmer physiques, describing them as “Skinny b****es.” It appears Trainor does not understand that you don’t have to shame one body type to make another seem acceptable– she just can’t seem to spit out the self-assured lyrics without spitting on slimmer women. Obviously “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top” if you have the same figure as Meghan Trainor. She also stated it was okay to be big, but only because “boys like a little more booty to hold at night.” Self-worth based on whether men find you attractive is pretty flimsy; we shouldn’t need verification from other people to be confident in how we look.

Ultimately, both of the songs are heteronormative, obnoxious and sexist, but the disguise as a swirly rainbow lollipop of girl power makes the world accept Trainor as a pop princess.  I would encourage you all not to buy Trainor’s album or even one of her singles, her music is damaging and she should not be supported.

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Who deserves your vote?

The general election is just days away.

With this in mind, here at Notre Dame we’ve decided to hold our very own general election! So, who exactly are the aspiring Ed Milibands and Natalie Bennetts of Notre Dame?

Well, we’ve compiled a handy list of all the candidates, so you can decide for yourself just who is worthy of your vote!

Labour Candidate, Annie Maloney, poses for a photo with Ed Miliband on a campaign day in April 2015.

Firstly, we have Annie Maloney, who is standing as The Labour Party’s candidate.  So, just what exactly does the Labour party mean to her?

“A handshake. Two hands.  That’s what the Labour party means to me. I support you, you support me, whoever you are, wherever you come from. Shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand.”

The focus of Labour’s college campaign will be based around the idea of creating “A country where the next generation can do better than the last.”  However she was reluctant to reveal any policy details, stating that “We’re saving the key details for our leaflets.”

In her spare time, she enjoys canvassing for the local Labour party, in support of Veronica King, the candidate for Elmet and Rothwell. She’s also a huge fan of vintage clothing, tea, and the hit TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, and is particularly proud of her ‘Miliselfie’.

Next up is Joe Doyle, who is standing for The UK Independence Party. In Joe’s words; why should you vote for him? “I will campaign for the withdrawal of The UK from Europe, because I believe that although we have an interest in Europe, we are not part of Europe.”  In terms of policy, UKIP will be focusing on abolishing the bedroom tax, and blocking the construction of HS2.  Inheritance tax is also an important issue, with Joe arguing that “The bequeathal of property to a loved one is not a form of income and the government has no right to interfere.”

In his spare time, he plays several musical instruments and is also ‘partial to fine dining’.

Now say hello to George Walker, The Green Party candidate!

So why did George join the Green party? “After starting to study Politics at Notre Dame I decided I wanted to get more involved in politics and joined the Green Party in October 2013. I joined the Green Party as they are the only left-wing party standing up for the values I believe in.”  The Green Party’s campaign will centre on their 3 key policies of abolishing university tuition fees, fighting the creeping privatisation of The NHS and reducing inequality by ensuring that all employers pay at least a living wage of£10.

George Walker is supported by Notre Dame’s Green campaign team.

Outside of politics, he loves music, sport and travel. He said: “I enjoy going to gigs and festivals and watching and a variety of sports such as football, baseball and the NFL.”

Any finally, Marilyne Ebu has made a last-minute decision to stand as The Conservative candidate.

Some of the Conservative policies which Marilyne champions are; ensuring that those on the minimum wage don’t pay tax, supporting working parents by giving parents £5,000 of free

Conservative candidate Marilyne Ebu urges Notre Dame students to “Vote Conservative!”

childcare, and protecting the triple lock on pensions. Marilyne is particularly proud of The Conservative’s record in government, particularly the 2.2 million extra apprenticeships which have been created.  In her spare time, she enjoys listening to K-Pop, dancing, and being involved with her local church and community.

Want to put your questions to the candiates? Come along to the hustings on Friday, at 1:00pm in the lecture theatre and give them a grilling!

Voting will take place on Thursday 7th May, from 10:00am to 2:00pm in the main hall.  Put a cross in the box and make sure that your voice is heard!

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